31 Healthy Foods That Are Incredibly Unhealthy

Back in the ’90s, my parents became total health nuts, very concerned about losing weight and keeping their hearts healthy. Of course, back then, “healthy” meant a pantry full of low-fat cookies, margarine on our toast, bran cereal for breakfast, and pasta most nights (because it was fat-free). Since then, we’ve learned that processed food, even if it’s low-fat is, well, crap. Call it very unhealthy healthy food. We’ve learned that sugar is the devil. And we’ve learned that white carbs are the devil’s cousin, demon spawn. Point being: Just when we feel comfortable with our healthy diets, some study comes out warning us about the dangers of the foods that we thought were so good for us. And all of those foods that we thought were so horrible like, say, butter, are suddenly superfoods. Really? I mean, it’s enough to make you go vegan…if going vegan were actually healthy…which it is…or maybe it’s not? Who knows?!

But back to the healthy stuff that’s not so healthy. We talked to nutritionist Lisa De Fazio, RD to get the skinny on what so-called healthy foods to watch out for. See a round-up of the most unhealthy healthy foods around.