Incorporating Mediterranean Foods into Your Family’s Daily Diet

My kids love kabobs, and I have to admit that anything on skewers can be sort of fun to eat.  Try grilling, shrimp, bell pepper, and pineapple kabobs. Everyone will love them!


Other ways to incorporate Mediterranean cooking into your diet:

  • Think about serving seafood, poultry, and meats over greens, a hearty tomato sauce, or beans.  All of this mixed with rice or pasta is ideal.  And don’t forget the garlic! (Despite having something of a bad rap, meat is healthy, just not every day.  Choose lean meats, and limit them to few times a month.)
  • Olive oil is used extensively in Mediterranean cooking. I find it easy to skip butter and use this oil instead.  It’s hardly a sacrifice; olive oil is extremely flavorful!  Whether you’re sauteing a grilled cheese sandwich, making a salad dressing, grilling vegetables, or even baking chocolate chip cookies, this ingredient is a wonderful choice.  (See my recipe for Mediterranean-Style, Olive Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies.)
  • Enhance what you’re eating with Mediterranean spices and herbs.  These are a nice way to cut down on salt and to introduce young palates to new flavors!  Ever heard of Zatar?  It’s a blend of Mediterranean dried herbs, consisting typically of Thyme and Savory mixed with sesame seeds.  Zatar is great sprinkled on dips, poultry, seafood, meats, vegetables, and more.   It’s a staple in my kitchen!

So go Mediterranean with the whole family and incorporate the essence of the diet into your lives.   It’s an easy and delicious way to live!

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