Little Style File: Graphic Tees That Please

There has been some outrage lately over some retailers selling some graphic tees that…well, leave much to be desired.


While most of the kids that wear them don't even know what it all means, it's better to go with the more safe approach and have them wear a tee that is not only adorable, it's just downright fashionable.

Here's a look at six graphic tees that are parent-approved and school-approved so no little girls you know will be making headlines for the wrong reason!

1. Owl Graphic Tee, $8.99

2. European Graphic Tee, $5 (sale!)

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3. Scooter Tee, $16.99 (sale!)

4. London Graphic Tee, $26.95


5. City Garden Tee, $19.99

6. Peek Football Print Screen Tee, $42