date night outfit ideas

5 Street Style Snaps to Inspire Your Date Night

Ah, date night with your man. The first time you think about it you’re like, “OMG, I can’t even remember the last time we went on a date!”. Then you blink, think about it again and you’re like, “OMG, we’re supposed to meet in 10 minutes and I’ve got nothing to wear!”.

Instead of rustling on the floor for anything without yoghurt/banana/toothpaste (circle appropriate) smeared all over  it, here’s our pick of real-mum style inspo to help get you sorted in advance. Because lady, you’ve still got it, and you should most definitely flaunt it. 

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date night outfit ideas

On the grand list of What To Do for Date Night, having a nice meal and at a nice restaurant universally takes out the top spot. So if you’re planning on eating, dress to do it in style and comfort with a loose, printed tunic-top and super-stretchy black leggings. Add an ankle strap and you just put the fine in dining. 

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date night outfit ideasLet’s face it: you might be wearing a new lipstick, had your hair done, bought a great new scarf – or hell – had a full-body makeover and he just won’t notice. BUT pull out that dreamy, ankle-length stunner you’ve got lurking at the back of the closet and – BAM! – there’s no taking his eyes off you all night. 

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date night outfit ideas

Here’s the thing with trends: it’s rad to keep up with them, but as a mum you’ll have to look a little harder to find pieces that are right for you; look for looser cuts, classier fabrics and longer hems. BUT if manage to pull it together – and add that seen-it-all swagger – then other takes on trendy just seem like light bulbs next to the sun. 

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date night outfit ideas

Every so often a fashion item comes along that ticks all the boxes: it’s flattering, hard-wearing and super-chic. Right now the army anorak is that piece. Wear it to date night, all the next day and basically never take it off. 

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More ways to make your date night fabulous:

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