Forget “Sweater Weather”: Why the Vest Is Where It’s at for Fall

Hooray for fall! Soon enough, cool air will have us yearning for cozy clothes…but before you begin a Pinterest board chock full of twenty-somethings in chunky sweaters quietly sipping cappuccinos, I urge you to think a little outside the box, and maybe a little more on-trend to your cool-momma day-to-day.

While the ubiquitous “sweater weather” look (read: chunky knit tunic, leggings, knee high boots, felt floppy hat, massive sunglasses, and requisite coffee) is emblazoned all over social media, the vibe sorta gets lost on those of us toting around toddlers or getting ready for school drop off. (Do you really have the peripheral vision to back out your SUV in that floppy hat and HUGE set of sunnies? Yeah, I didn’t think so.) Let’s keep this entire Pinterest phenomenon for your younger sister’s jaunt out of the city to go day-drinking um, apple picking with her friends and envision ourselves a chicer fall layer, no?


Enter the oft-overlooked vest. If you’re a momma on a mission for some adorable transitional layers this season, you don’t have to look beyond your standard shopping haunts to find a vest that works for you. From minimalist to rocker-chic, boho to vintage, vests are a more on-trend, sophisticated wardrobe piece than last season’s sweaters. Here are some fab vests for fall that will bring you into the season with style, grace, and major momma-fashion substance.

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