6 Chic Wallets That Quickly Transition into Purses

There’s a fine art to selecting the perfect wallet. It must work with your everyday bag, house all of your valuables, and in today’s world, serve as a mini-purse for quick errand runs and chasing after the kiddos. I love these six wallets for women because they work in purses, diaper bags, or day bags—or you can slip them on your wrist for impromptu outings.

When you’ve got a different sized bag for different types of daily outings, having a versatile wallet that houses all of your most important daily needs is key—that way when you’re throwing it from one bag to another, you’re certain that everything you could possibly need—from cash to change to ID to credit cards to medical ID cards to phone—is housed in one slim and functional wallet. Even better, each of these wallets is chic enough to function as a mini purse of its own, perfect for date night.

Personally owning two of them, I can tell you these finds are fantastic for travel and have made getting out the door faster and easier. Check out my favorite picks in the slideshow.

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