Thanksgiving Dinner Style

What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner? Style Meets Comfort!

These may look like sweats but they are super chic and trendy (and the waistband is Thanksgiving-friendly too): Greylin Roger Track Pants; $92 at

A tunic dress won’t hug you around the middle and looks great paired with flats, boots or heels: Tab-Collar Tunic Dress; $25 (sale!) at

No need to suck it in if you’re wearing these pants: Hive & Honey Silky Soft Pant; $69 at

Leggings can be chic, just pair with a metallic sweater and heels: Tuxedo Leggings; $34.95 at

If your Thanksgiving is a fancy affair, this dress is a must: Mini Trapeze Ruffle Dress; $88 at

Available in beautiful, bright colors, this top looks great with everything: Mossimo Long Sleeve Tunic Top; $24.99 at

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