What They Want Now–Candy Inspired Styles!

Blame it on Halloween or just blame it on kids being kids and loving anything that resembles a sweet treat, but the little girl styles these days are being inspired by CANDY!


Yes, everyone’s favorite desserts are being featured on everything from bags to socks to pajamas to t-shirts and personally, I can’t think of anything cuter than a sweet design!

So take it from me and start stocking up on these dessert-inspired designs for stocking stuffers and birthday gifts because I don’t think the allure of candy is going away anytime soon…in fact, time for a lollipop break!

Striped Candy Bag, $24.95

Cupcake Sweater Hat, $14.99 (sale)

Cupcakes Print Pajama Set, $32.99

What They Want Now–Candy Inspired Styles!Cute Boot Holiday Jeans, $39.95

Sparkly T-Shirt, $28

Cupcake Fleece Robe, $18.71 (sale)