Casual Summer Dresses And Beach Cover Ups Under $30

On a recent trip to Target, I picked up a black strapless beach cover up for $14.99.  It was so cute, simple and versatile looking that I proceeded to put it on for an evening event later that night. 

I dressed it up with a pair of heels and jewelry pieces.  Several people came  up to me asking where I got it and every single one of them was shocked to find I had gotten it for under $15 and that I had found it in the swim section at Target.


This is just one of many reasons I love the summer – you can get away with so much wardrobe-wise.  And there are so many great deals to be had at affordable prices.  Here are just a few great ones – check them out, no one will ever know you spent so little!:

1. Mossimo Women’s Multi Wear Twist & Wrap Dress – $29.99 at  

2. Wide Striped Maxi Dress – $26.99 at

3. Cross Front Jersey Tank Dress – $19.50 at   

4. Sundress with Ribbon Pull Thru-Tie – $19.99 (normally $60) at      

5. Hive & Honey Tie Front Strapless Dress – $29.50 at