No More Roaming Toddlers With The Mother Child Tote Bag

The Mother Child bag conquers this dilemma, and truly speaks for itself.  It might take a second glance, but the concept is simple and direct.  The dual handles allow for mom to hold the weight with a top handle and child to stay close with a bottom handle. 


The Mother Child bag takes the guesswork out of lending a helping hand and provides a fun mommy-and-me activity that you can both enjoy.  The stylish bag dons a screen printed icon of Mom and Child sharing carry duties, and comes in four great colors.  There is an inner zipped pocket for small necessities, and the tear-proof polyester exterior ensures a sturdy construction.  At almost 17 inches tall, the Mother Child bag can be used as a diaper bag or a bag for quick grocery runs, and the list goes on.


You can purchase the Mother Child bag for only $23 from  Spoon Sisters!

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