Valentines Day: A Not So Subtle Hint To Dad

I realized the stat actually made sense because I do buy something each year for my kids – Valentine’s Day cards to give their friends, something small like a Valentine’s Day lollipop or card. 

Valentine’s Day is no longer just about young love – it can be for anyone and it’s a nice way to show someone you love them!  So this one is for you Dads – here are some fun suggestions for Mom, who works very hard year round and deserves a little Valentine’s Day love herself!

1.  Does she have a daughter?  This Mother & Daughter PJ Set from Red Envelope is adorable and only $30 for the set of both pairs!  They also have a coupon code going right now where you can use SAVE10 to receive 10% off more off your order.

2. I simply adore this Prayer Box Necklace from the Breast Cancer site, for both the price and the fact that purchasing from this site helps support funding mammograms for women who can’t afford to get them done.  What’s better that buying a great product at an affordable price and helping to donate to a worthy cause?  This Prayer Box Necklace is $12.95 and opens like a real box.  There’s 14 cent shipping on orders over $50 in the US and Canada.

3. You can not go wrong with a scarf or a Pashmina.  A scarf can be used in tons of different ways and is a staple in any woman’s wardrobe.  This Journee Collection Pashmina is available at Target for $19.99 – love it in red for Valentine’s Day!

4. Sometimes it takes something as little as getting a small gift to make a Mom happy.  I don’t need much and I’d love something like this 6-pack of Fuzzy Ballet Slipper Socks for kicking it around the house when it’s a snowy and cold day and I’m stuck inside.  Moms appreciate things that help them to be comfortable and relax!  Check out this pair on Amazon for $19.95.

5. Handbags are a Mom’s best friend and you won’t hear her complaining if you bring her home this Abbyson Italian Leather Handbag that’s currently $62.99 on  (In red, of course!)


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