Look Hot And Get Inspired In These Workout Clothes

Just to tempt you, I bring you several great looking workout clothes that will give you a new reason to hit the gym.


1. My favorite workout store of late is Athleta. They have something for every style of exercise from yoga to hard core runner.  While pricey, the quality in their exercise clothes is undeniable and you’ll use it for years to come.  This month, I’m eyeing up the Seamless Moroccan Paisley Half Zip – $78.

2. Known for their fabulous activewear, lucy (www.lucy.com) is a staple company for women’s workout gear.  Activewear is all they do and they make it their business to make clothes to last.  I’ve had a pair of the lucy Perfect Core Pant – $98 for several years and it’s still my favorite go-to pair of pants for any aerobic class I’m taking at the gym.

3. The REI Outlet has some great mark-downs on otherwise expensive like this women’s Under Armour Women’s Jacket, normally $99.99 and on-sale at the outlet for $59.93.

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