10 Best Natural Deodorants To Try Now

I’m all about natural deodorants right now. See, I had my second baby a couple of months ago, and the postpartum hormones have turned my once inactive arm pits into miniature caves of icky doom. I can practically smell myself moving across the room, and the odor is just gross no matter how often I clean and exfoliate my pits. But all of that said, as I’m breastfeeding this new baby and trying to lead a generally “cleaner” lifestyle, I’m determined to give some natural deodorants a try before resorting to the chemical kind.

After consulting with some crunchy mama friends from across the country and the world, I came up with a list of the best natural deodorants on the market. You might be pleasantly surprised at the price range, too. While many natural beauty products tend to cost more than their traditional counterparts, these start at $4, so they’re easy on your skin and they won’t bust your budget.


Want to try some natural deodorants? Let my list of the best ones inspire you.

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10 Best Natural Deodorants To Try Now