5 Easy Steps to Look Wide Awake in Less Than Two Minutes

The morning struggle is real, am I right mamas?! I have some experience with faking looking wide awake in a pinch. Here are my best tricks for how to look wide awake even when you feel dead tired.

Steps 1: Freeze



If you have anything frozen in the freezer, grab it up and hold it against your under eye. I like to grab a bag of frozen fruit or a freezer pack before I put it in my daughter’s lunch, or if I’ve planned ahead, a frozen spoon is heavenly. Image: Getty/Debby Lewis-Harrison

Step 2: Curl


Curling your lashes can work wonders for making even the tiredest eyes seem wide open. Pinch the curler a couple times on lashes. The eye will draw upward and make you look fresh as a daisy! Image: Getty/Shuji Kobayashi

Step 3: Go Nude


Ever wonder what that peachy/white eyeliner was meant for? It’s the handiest way to make your eyes look white and bright. Line the inner rim of your lower lash line with this light beige or white liner for fresh, wide eyes.  Image: Getty/ Pierre Bourrier

Step 4: Highlight


Add a little bit of frosty white eye shadow to the inner corner of your eye. This quick trick can make eyes look wide awake and bright with one little dot of the finger. Image: Getty/S. Granitz

Step 5: Brush


Brush your brows. Using a brow brush or mascara wand, brush up your brows to lift the eye without a face lift. This will make your eyes look open and refreshed. Top lashes with a little mascara and off you go. Image: Getty/Vincent Besnault

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