5 Essential Steps To Rescuing Your Skin After A Night Out

Winter partying destroys on my skin. The combination of super-dry air and one too many cocktails leaves me looking a little haggard, even though I have a tight skincare regimen. If you find yourself in the same situation this holiday season (or this weekend), follow these five simple steps to rescue your skin the day after your night out.


1. Drink as much water as possible, stat! Making sure you are hydrating is not the sexiest part of the holiday, but by guzzling some coconut water first thing in the morning or getting your major green smoothie you are doing your skin the biggest favor ever. Keep a huge water with you while you run errands. It will be so annoyingly heavy that it will force you to drink the whole thing just to not have to lug it around.

2. Moisturize your skin back to life. Remove makeup at the end of the night and apply a layer of coconut oil to face. It may feel a bit greasy to some, but its natural moisturizers pack a major skin replenishing punch.

3. Apply a serum that’s rich in vitamin C. It’s a natural skin reviver and will get your skin plumped and glowing before you know it. Ole Henrikson makes the all time best Truth Serum Collagen booster Vitamin C serum (Amazon, $59) as part of their excellent complete skin care line.

4. De-puff your eyes naturally. Simply place two spoons in the freezer for 15 minutes and then apply to under-eye area first thing in morning. The cooling sensation will be heavenly. If you are in major depuffing need, apply Preparation H to under eyes to snap those under-eye bags right up.

5. Slather on some tinted moisturizer. Highlighting is a great smoke and mirror for tired skin. After you’ve done some vitamin C and eye management, apply Laura Mercier’s Illuminating tinted moisturizer (Amazon, $44) to get gorgeous and glowing.  It’s the perfect camouflage for any skin.

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Photo: Getty/Sofie Delauw