3 Incredibly Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas For Moms

Halloween makeup


Put on your favorite whimsical or light colored tank and fairy wings, and you are pretty good to go with the go-to fairy look. To take your fairy to a magical place add a couple twists.


Cover full eyelid with frosty blue, purple, or green shadow. Anything with color packed on the lid will work. Coat lashes with mascara. Add highlighter to upper cheekbones and temples to create an iridescent look.

Using Duo eyelash glue (can be found at any drugstore), apply a small amount to colored rhinestones. Place a variety of sizes along outer eye and up to temple. You can’t do this wrong, so be creative. The more stones the better. (To remove at end of night, just peel off and remove glue with makeup remover.)

Halloween makeup