3 Incredibly Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas For Moms

Halloween can be such a busy time, but kids love nothing more than when Mom and Dad dress up! Quick and easy costumes are my favorite, and makeup can make the simple throw-on costume seem a bit more thought out. Here, I showcase the go-to Halloween costumes and how to take them up a notch by including some easy Halloween makeup to help you play the part.

Halloween makeup



Throw on some ears and a tail, and your look is made, right? Nope!! We can do better! A bit of eyeliner and a red lip, and this cat has gone up a notch!

Take black liquid liner and coat lower nose and nostrils with angled eyeliner brush to create nose. Draw line from center of bottom of nose to upper lip with liner. Line upper lip with black eyeliner and fill in whole upper lip. Draw whiskers on outer corners of upper lip to cheeks. Fill in bottom lip with red lipstick.

To add some sex appeal, create darker eyes with winged liner and add false lashes.

Halloween makeup