Insect Repellents That Smell Good (Really!)

Once the heat subsides, I’m all about getting outside once the sun goes down in summer. Unfortunately, dusk is a mosquito’s favorite time of day to come out and play, too. Drugstore insect repellents are fine for everyday and sport play, but what about date night or a night out on the town? There’s no way I’m slathering that icky-sticky, medicine cabinet smelling stuff on me after I’ve put my hair up and showered.

Make quick work of these unpleasant critters with a sophisticated—that’s right, sophisticated!—insect repellent. More perfume than chemical, they’ll prevent bites, redness, and the general discomfort associated with insect bites. Best of all, there’s something for the whole family in this mix. Check out the slideshow for my favorite insect repellents that smell good.

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