Spring Makeup Refresh – A Guide to What to Toss and What to Add to Your Spring Beauty Routine


Spring is in full swing! As the weather changes, so should your makeup and beauty products to accommodate for the fact that you’ll probably be spending more time outside, and for the changing season, too. Here’s a complete guide to what you should get rid of or shelf in your makeup bag, and what to add to your beauty routine in the spring.

What to toss:

  1. Makeup applicators, like sponges. Dirty applicators carry a lot of bacteria that can transfer to your skin, which lead to blemishes or infections. Wash these regularly and replace them every month.
  2. Mascara needs to be tossed every 4 months. A great way to remember when to replace your mascara is every time the season changes.

What to shelf for next winter:

  1. Heavy foundations – opt for lighter moisturizers, as you’re likely running the dry heater less.
  2. Black liners – play with colored liners or swap for brown.
  3. Dark lip shades – embrace natural and bright tones.
  4. Powder blush – work with creams to give your face a more flushed, natural look.

What to embrace and bring in for spring:

  1. Tinted moisturizers – Let your skin breathe and show itself! Don’t hide behind makeup in the spring and summer – now’s the time to let your natural beauty shine through.
  2. Bronzers with some shimmer – these are perfect for warming up skin and adding some glow.
  3. Bright lip colors – try different shades of pink and oranges for a fun pop of color.  These can also play double duty as cheek tints/stains, too!                     
  4. Oil-free moisturizers and SPF – these are great in winter as well, but SPF becomes an absolute necessity as you’re spending time outdoors in the spring and summer.
  5. An oil-free or gel moisturizer – either of these will keep shine at bay in warmer temperatures.
  6. Cream blushes – creams add just the right amount of flush to your cheeks and keep skin looking fresh and dewy without adding shine.
  7. Multi-use products – Add in products that are multi-use and save time.  Cream blush that can work as lip color and eye color, and bronzer can double as eye shadow. 
  8. Opt for lighter eyeliner colors like brown or grey.  If you want to mix it up, purples and olive greens are fun for a variety also and bring out blue and green eyes.