How to Keep your Hair Looking Glossy this Winter

How to Keep your Hair Looking Glossy this Winter

How to Keep your Hair Looking Glossy this WinterWith winter just around the corner, wummer is already feeling like a distant memory.  Winter weather can be depressing, even more so when it plays havoc with your hair, making it feel dry, dull and lifeless.   Fortunately there are things you can do to help give your hair a shine boost, and keep it looking healthy and glossy even in cold climates – the perfect look for Christmas parties!  We’ll share our top tips right here.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Take care of your body and your hair will follow.  A diet rich in vitamins and nutrients will help you feel your best and eating healthy food can bring out the best in your hair.  The nutrients you absorb through your diet keep your hair strong, helping it to become more resistant to cold weather damage.

Consider a Supplement

A healthy diet is the perfect way to take care of your body and hair, but there are also supplements that can help give hair a natural shine.  With Winter looming, you might decide to take a supplement to ensure you’re absorbing nutrients which will help keep your hair looking great throughout the season.  A popular supplement for promoting glossy hair is Coenzyme Q10, which can increase the elasticity and condition of hair, keeping it looking shiny and healthy.  

Use Natural Products

Many commercial hair care products contain synthetic ingredients which can affect the natural balance of oils in your hair.  Switching to natural shampoo and conditioner, which gently work in harmony with your hair, can help restore a natural shine and gloss.  Fruit based natural ingredients, such as the mangos found in this natural Burt’s Bees Shampoo are often rich in antioxidants which can protect hair from free radical damage.  Healthy hair has a natural gloss which synthetic ingredients cannot replicate.

Use a Treatment Oil or Serum

Using a hair treatment in addition to your usual shampoo and conditioner can give your hair that extra boost of nourishment to help lock in moisture and enhance shine.  There are some great treatments on the market, but I would recommend Kitoko Oil, which contains natural oils and vitamins to strengthen, smooth and repair hair, for a high gloss finish.  As it can be added to either damp or dry hair, it’s great to use after washing or, if you don’t need to wash your hair, you can simply apply it before going out to add shine to your hair.  Using a treatment is a great idea, especially during Winter, when your hair needs extra protection from the elements.

Try a DIY Shine Booster

Finally, some people enjoy making their own treatments, such as hair masks, and they are often simple to make.  There are a wide variety of how-to guides on the internet designed to boost shine and vitality.  If you’re feeling thrifty you could save a lot of money making your own treatments.  


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