Coconut Oil for Beauty

Why Coconut Oil Should be Your New Favorite Beauty Product

Why Use Coconut Oil for Beauty?

Coconut Oil has been shown to have natural antibacterial and antifungal qualities and it’s thought to penetrate the skin and hair better than other types of oils. Many store-bought moisturizers contain petroleum which doesn’t allow your skin to breathe, and they are made with lots of water that dries up leaving your skin flaky. Coconut oil penetrates the skin leaving it soft and supple. Plus, it has a natural fragrance that smells a little bit like freshly baked cookies, so that’s a pretty yummy attribute (without as many calories!)

How Do I Use Coconut Oil?

Simply use a dollop (about the size of a nickle) and rub it into your palms to warm it. Apply to your face or the dry ends of your hair—that’s it’s!

If you’re an adventurous DIY type, you might enjoy experimenting with making some of your own Coconut Oil beauty elixers. Make a deep conditioning treatment for glossy hair, use it to shave your legs, or concoct a beauty DIY body scrub using this amazing oil!

What Kind of Coconut Oil Should I Purchase?

When you set out to purchase your first jar of Coconut oil, get one that’s organic to ensure that it’s non-GMO. Also, grab a jar that is marked extra virgin, so you can be confident that it’s unprocessed and unrefined. If you purchase coconut oil that’s been refined, it may have been hydrogenated, bleached or deodorized, which make your body’s job of processing it much harder on your liver.

Where Can I Find Coconut Oil?

Fortunately, Coconut Oil has grown in popularity to the point that it’s no longer difficult to purchase in in stores like Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and even online through various vendors like Amazon.  Storing it is also very uncomplicated, because it doesn’t require refrigeration, just be aware that if you store it at temperatures below 76 degrees Fahrenheit it will solidify, and at temperatures warmer than 76 degrees it will liquefy.

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