Eco Friendly Purchases For Earth Day


My favorite earth-friendly company for skincare is Yes to Carrots.  Yes to Carrots uses organic fruit and vegetables for ingredients and mixes them with minerals found in the Dead Sea.  They have several lines and you pick based on you skintype – Yes to Cucumbers, Yes to Carrots, Yes to Blueberries and Yes to Tomatoes.

Not only are these products eco-friendly but they are good for your skin.



How about the Earth Purse? These bags are made out of 100% recycled textiles, making each bag one of a kind.  These make great every day bags.

Need a new pair of new glasses?  My uber-eco-conscious sister recently needed a new pair and searched online for a good company to buy from.  She discovered Warby Parker.   For every pair you buy, one pair is given to someone who can’t afford to buy glasses.  While the product itself may not make you think “earth friendly,” I love the idea of my purchase giving back to someone in need.

Clothes: is an all-green boutique.  You’ll be the only one wearing these clothes when you order them.  Hand-made out of eco-friendly fabrics, these clothes are beautiful.

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