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Ingredients You Need in Your Vegetarian Diet for Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is essential for your body to keep your blood cells and nerves healthy. Lack of vitamin B12 can lead to nerve damage, fatigue, weakness, fever, walking difficulties, and digestive issues, among many other health problems.

People with non-vegetarian diets usually get their vitamin B12 through meat, eggs, etc. However, if you are worried that vegetarianism might not get you an apt amount of vitamin B12, here are a few ingredients you can include in your diet.

1. Milk and other dairy products

No matter how much you dislike milk, have some once a day. If not milk, add dairy products like cheese and yogurt to your diet to benefit from this vitamin. A cup of plain homemade yogurt can provide almost 28% of the recommended intake.

2. Eggs

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If you occasionally eat eggs, now is the time to make it a part of your regular diet for vitamin B12. Have it for your breakfast in soups or during your meals, but make it a point to have one to two whole eggs regularly, depending on your age.

3. Fortified food

Intake of fortified food can help vegetarians meet their daily requirements. Fortified breakfast cereals such as bran and whole wheat oats are excellent sources of vitamin B12. Even fortified soy or almond milk are great options for this nutrient. Thus, always read the packaging to know if your favorite cereal or milk has added B12.

4. Nutritional yeast

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Fortified yeast also contains a lot of vitamin B12. It’s usually added to food to give the dish a nutty or cheesy flavor. So, add nutritional yeast to your curries and sauces for maximum health benefits.

5. Nori

Nori is dried edible seaweed used in Japanese and other Asian cuisine. It is also known as purple laver and contains a good amount of vitamin B12. You can have Nori as a snack or make vegetarian sushi with them. Just include them in your diet to meet the daily requirement of B12.

6. Shitake mushroom

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Shitake mushrooms are native to East Asia but are now readily available in most supermarkets for their rich taste and health benefits. Although they have relatively low levels of vitamin B12, adding them to your soups and curries will give an extra boost of B12 to your everyday meals.

7. Tempeh

Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian food made from fermented soybeans. It’s similar to tofu and is a rich source of vitamin B12. So, making it a part of your diet may be a good idea to get your daily dose of this vitamin.

You can also take vitamin B12 supplements, but only under your doctor’s advice. Nowadays, there are several plant-based supplements, so do your research and ensure you provide your body with ample amounts of vitamin B12.

Make these ingredients part of your daily diet to meet your body’s vitamin B12 requirement. These items are readily available at stores. However, consult a doctor to understand your daily requirements better and determine the right ingredients for you based on your age, profession, and medical history.

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