Why Barbie Botox has become the latest obsession? Is it safe?

When Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie was screened, lead actress Margot Robbie would have never thought that other than breaking records, her movie will also influence people to change their physical features. Due to the movie, girls are now loving Barbie Botox trend.

They are going to great lengths to transform their bodies to resemble Barbie doll physique. However, experts are not in favor of this trend. They believe the toxin-based ingredient used in the botox treatment can have detrimental effect on health. Learn all about the latest obsession and its effects here. 

Barbie Botox
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Barbie Botox, also known as Traptox, have become a fad among young girls following the premiere of Barbie movie.

The procedure grabbed the eyeballs when #BarbieBotox garnered over 7 million on TikTok and many users documented themselves getting Barbie Botox to “slim down” their neck and shoulder, a feature similar to the Barbie doll. 

The non-surgical cosmetic procedure usually involves the use of derma fillers, botox injections, and other techniques. These techniques helps to slim down the shoulders, elongate the neck, smoothen silhouette, and give a smaller upper body frame.

To imitate the symmetrical and flawless feature of the famous doll, cosmetologist inject botulinum toxin between the neck and shoulder to help relax the trapezius muscles. The injection blocks the nerve signals to muscles which results in tensed-up muscles. 

But Is Barbie Botox Safe?

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This procedure is not something new. The technique was in practice for the last few decades to relieve neck and shoulder pain and to treat migraines as well. But now it has gained popularity for aesthetic purposes. This procedure requires multiple sittings, making it a costly affair. 

For the look, typically 6 to 10 injections are injected per shoulder in the first sitting. And it usually takes two weeks to notice the change. One round of Botox lasts for about three to four months, after which multiple rounds of Barbie Botox is required to maintain the new appearance.

That is why, experts believe injecting a high amount of Botox injections can have a negative impact on health. Some side effects of botulinum toxin injection include swelling, pain, headache, breathlessness, flu-like symptoms, stomach issues, neuromuscular problems, paralysis, and slurred speech among others. 

Talking about this latest trend, Dr. Parisha Acharya, lead cosmetic doctor at renowned London medical aesthetics clinic Waterhouse Young told CNN in a telephone interview, “When Botox is injected into a muscle, it stops the connection to the nerve. Over time it leads to a weakening and paralysis of the muscle. Indirectly, the muscle shrinks away.

So, still thinking of getting Barbie Botox? Think twice before opting for this procedure. It might seem like a nice idea but remember you are trying to mimic something artificial. But if you still want to get this Botox, make sure to get it done by a licensed cosmetologist.

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