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Tips To Select Your Kid’s First Movie

Choosing the right movie for your tiny tots’ first cinematic experience can be exciting yet daunting. While the film must be age-appropriate, you must also consider other factors. Your child’s first movie should be fun and educative, keeping them engrossed and excited until the last minute. That is why it is essential to remember the following points while selecting your kid’s first film.

1. Age factor

Always pick a movie that fits your child’s age and interests. A film with their favorite content will keep your kids engrossed for a long time. However, other than content, make sure the language and theme of the movie are also suitable for your kiddo’s age.

That is why a movie with moral lessons, their favorite characters (like Mickey Mouse, Minions, Muppets, etc.), short dialogues, vibrant images, and shorter duration will be perfect for your toddlers. However, a musical film about family and friendship may be apt for your tween. Avoid movies with violent content or scary or suspenseful scenes that may disturb your child. Your kid’s first movie should be enjoyable, not frightening.

2. Take film rating into account

kids first movie
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Another important factor to consider for your kid’s first movie is the rating. Film ratings are usually based on age appropriateness, with G being the most family-friendly or for the general audience and NC-17 being strictly for adults only. So, pick a movie based on the ratings. For your kid’s first movie, pick G-rated movies only.

3. Go through the reviews

Once you have shortlisted the movie, read its reviews to see how other parents feel about it. You might not have a clear idea about the film even after reading the plot and theme, but reviews can help you clear your doubts. If the movie has good feedback from parents, especially about its content and theme, it should be on your list. The film with negative reviews should be at the bottom of your list to review later.

4. Take time duration into consideration

kids first movie
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A toddler cannot sit in one place during a two-hour movie because of their attention span. Hence, it is advisable to pick a film with a shorter runtime so your kiddos can watch it easily, allowing them to stay engaged and interested throughout the viewing experience. Once they can sit through short movies, you can gradually increase the films’ duration. However, for their first movie experience, pick movies that last about an hour or less.

5. Watch the trailer

Once you have done your research, start watching the trailers of the selected movies. This will give you an overall idea about the characters, plot, and language. If your kid is watching their first movie on OTT, watch it alone to see if it checks all the boxes of a good film. If you are taking your little one to the movie theatre, ask fellow moms, your family members, or friends about the review of the movie. Once satisfied, go ahead and enjoy your first movie together.

Movies have a significant impact on everyone, even kids. So, mommies, do your research well, keeping these points in mind, and select the best movie for your kid’s first cinematic experience. Don’t forget to mention your pick in the comment section below to help fellow moms make their choice.

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