Airplane Snacks For Mom, Dad, Teen and Tot (And How To Store Them To Avoid A Mess)

If you’re not using Smelly Proof Bags you’re missing out. They’re reusable bags you can use to store just about anything. We’re talking anything from slices of bread in the freezer (they’ll stay fresh even if you’re too lazy to tightly pack them) to cut fruit in your handbag. Because they’re so durable they’re also great for travel if you’re looking to pack your own snacks. We always have a few pieces of cut fruit, veggies, cereal and trail mix on hand for long flights. If even basic DIY snack options are more than you have time for, keep reading for recently launched new options the whole family will love!

Keto Krisp by CanDo is line of low-sugar, low-carb bars that are also high in protein. While they taste aaamazing if you warm them up in the oven/microwave, they’re also great to just toss in your bag for an in-flight snack. Plus, they’re made with MCT oil, which is thought to have a number of health benefits.

Stryve is a healthier version of the travel staple, jerky. Their snacks are made using 100% American beef and made only from quality cuts of top round steak. A serving has 16 grams of protein, 0g carbs, and 0g sugar and flavors include original, hickory, spicy peri peri, cajun, teriyaki, mesquite bbq, and zesty garlic. The only downside here is the relatively high sodium, but that’s a given with jerky and at 430mg/serving, it’s still lower than the standard.

Our kids immediately grabbed the bags of Power Up Foods when they saw them because of the bright, superhero-like packaging. The brand claims these bites can give you energy which is hard to know for sure – no matter what we seem to be low on it and teens seem to have an endless amount of it, but if you’re looking to get acclimated to a new time zone and skip the cat nap, these green tea powered snacks certainly can’t hurt. Plus they’re free of refined sugar, dairy, gluten, soy and have only clean, recognizable ingredients and, because of their almond flour-bases, they are a lot more filling than your empty calorie white flour standard treats.

If you’re traveling with younger children you might want to consider packing The Table Tyke along. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a mess, and that’s certainly true when on-the-go. The easily portable (it just rolls up) and reusable silicone placemat has a bumper and a flat surface to help prevent spillage and splatters (though there’s always that pesky throwing issue…).

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