My Best Tips to Keep Mums Healthy and Hydrated During Pregnancy

I’ve found being pregnant with my third bub pretty different to the first two times. Gone are the days of just eating potato chips for a full week and giving into every food craving. I feel like I am much more aware of what it takes to grow a healthy bub and I’m really making an effort to adjust what I am eating and drinking to give this special bundle the best chance I can.


Here are some tips that are working for me:

1)    I eat my cravings, with a small, sneaky tweak

You see, I start with 4-5 bites of what I really want, and then I stop. I then pick up something that is better for me knowing it will give me some energy and see me through the tired spell that will surely hit. Here’s an example; I’ll buy the hot chips, but I stop after a few bites and eat say a cucumber or a few pieces of cheese, you know, something that will actually give me energy. I then got back to the chips and tend to keep alternating between the two.


2)    I stay hydrated with aquamamma

I’ve suffered BAD morning sickness with this gorgeous bump, and although I know I need to stay hydrated I’ve found plain water so hard to drink and keep down the majority of the time. So lately I’ve been having a bottle or two of aquamamma a day. I really enjoy it because it tastes yum/great, and contains added folic acid and only a small amount of sugar (almost 70% less sugar than typical fruit juice, so don’t worry).

3)    I lay down, a lot

Why not lay down to read books? Get on the babes’ level and play cars, heck I invent games for my toddlers that keep me laying down for the whole thing! If you’re lacking ideas, jump onto Pinterest, there’s a bunch on there.

4)    I work around the time of day that I have energy

After about noon I am knackered. Full-blown tired, want to crawl into bed and often crash at 8 p.m. So now I get up a little earlier and get everything done that will safeguard against that afternoon crash. I make snacks while I eat brekkie, I make a smoothie for afternoon tea while I’m unpacking the dishwasher and I prep dinner at 8 a.m. Crazy, but it’s the only way for me.

5)    I walk 20 minutes’ kid-free everyday

For me exercise has always been something I’ve enjoyed, and it’s given me energy and made me feel great. So I’ve kept it up, and I ensure that I walk for 20mins a day. Yep, it ain’t long, but boy does it feel great to get out, clear my head and move my body


I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy,

Stace x

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