Everything I Need to Keep Track of My Kids’ Health

I’m the mumma of two, happy-go-lucky boys. The youngest entered the world full-term, happy as Larry and has luckily only ever been to the doctor for his immunisations. The eldest, on the other hand, arrived 8 weeks early and spent time in NICU and the ER. Fortunately for us, he’s barely needed to see our local doctor any more than my first born.


As a result, keeping good track of my boys’ health is extra important to me. Because I am so rarely at the doctors, I’m not there to take advantage of their skills and procedures to prompt me to check this, or check that. So I tend to rely on my own prompts and reminders like these…

A Consistent GP 

For me, this is my saving grace. Our doctor has been seeing my boys since early on, so she knows their personalities, she preempts my questions, and best of all, hers is the same face my kids have seen for years, so she has taken all the fear out of going to the doctor. Amazingly, it is now something they look forward to when I tell them it’s time for a check up or their immunisations.


‘Save the Date to Vaccinate’ app

Speaking of immunisations, I’m incredibly grateful that I’m parenting in an era where immunisations are readily available and so well researched. I want to make sure that I am staying on top of what is needed when, because I know how important immunising on time, every time is. But, let’s be honest, with two small kids the days and weeks just fly by and it’s so hard to keep track of all the appointments and requirements. The ‘Save the Date to Vaccinate’ app is a great help for keeping me on track. I’ve set up a profile for each of the kids using their birth date and the app alerts me  when their next immunisation is due. It also explains exactly which vaccines are being given at which time and why.


Keeping Our Blue Books Up to Date

It always amazes me just how quick this task can be if you marry it to a something else you’re already doing. So, whenever I am in the doctor’s waiting room, I look through the boys’ Personal Health Records (the ‘Blue Book‘) and make sure everything is up to date. That way I can check then and there with the doctor if I have any questions. Your state might call your child’s personal health record something different (eg. it’s ‘blue book’ in South Australia too, but My Health Learnings and Development Record in Victoria).

Baby Milestone Tracking apps

Much like using the Save the Date to Vaccinate app, I find it easier to keep track of things like developmental milestone and feeding schedules if I use an app. Babies and kids reach milestones in their own time and way, of course, but it’s good to at least know if the kids are in the ballpark or not. Some tracking apps you might like to try are: Baby LogBaby Connect and Kidfolio.


A Well-Stocked First Aid Kit

I’m yet to have the ‘head split open’ event, but boy am I ready for it. My kit is not overly big (this is the one here), but it’s packed with everything I need. I got it as a gift at my baby shower (such a great gift for a new mum, don’t you think?). It’s a St John’s Ambulance brand and is packed with useful-size bandages, saline water for their eyes, CPR instruction sheet, you know, all the stuff we don’t realise we need until we REALLY need it.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Growing up, my mum had this list under the telephone. It had doctor’s numbers, ambulance, police, etc. but also really key numbers like our neighbours, the school and preschool, and my parents work numbers. I’m now in the process of teaching my toddlers how to use my mobile phone for these types of events, while also teaching them where to run close by to get help when it’s needed. If you want to set-up an emergency phone number list, you can download a template for the one I use.

Click here to download the Emergency Contact List

You can edit the pdf to add your phone numbers before printing. Or just print out the pdf and write your numbers in the boxes provided. Keep this list by the phone and show the older kids how to use it. You can also pop a copy into your first aid kit so it’s handy wherever you happen to be.

So there it is, a little organisation goes a long way to keeping those you love protected and healthy.

Do you have any tips that work well for you too?

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Images: Stacey Clare