Just in: The Fattest & Skinniest Metro Areas in the U.S.

Americans continue to spend big money — up to $210 billion annually — on obesity-related treatments. In the spirit of National Nutrition Month, the experts at financial website WalletHub examined 100 of the most populated metro areas in the United States to identify where residents struggle the most (and the least) with their weight. To determine their rankings, researchers looked at  factors such as environment and opportunities for physical activity. McAllen, Texas, had the dubious honor of having the highest percentage of obese adults; San Jose, California, was on the opposite end of the spectrum. The community of Provo, Utah, had the most active residents, but Knoxville, Tennessee, had the least. Not surprisingly, the metro areas with the greatest obesity problems also had higher percentages of people suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes. 

Find out where your city ranks:


THE BEST: Top Ten Metro Areas with the Smallest Weight Problems

1. Provo, Utah

2. Colorado Springs, Colorado

3. San Jose, California

4. Denver, Colorado

5. San Francisco, California

6. Salt Lake City, Utah

7. Ogden, Utah

8. Honolulu, Hawaii

9. Portland, Oregon

10. Reno, Nevada

THE WORST: Top Ten Metro Areas with the Biggest Weight Problems

1. New Orleans, Louisiana

2. Mobile, Alabama

3. Columbia, South Carolina

4. El Paso, Texas

5. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

6. Greensboro, North Carolina

7. Greenville, South Carolina

8. Jackson, Mississippi

9. Youngstown, Ohio

10. Shreveport, Louisiana

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