Sponsored Video: This Helps Me Sleep (Even with Two Kids)

I never appreciated how easy it was to sleep before I had kids. Back then, I could sleep pretty much whenever I wanted to. But, once I decided to have kids that all changed. When I was pregnant, heartburn kept me up at night. Once my son was born, I’d have to wake up to feed him every two hours. I finally got him to a place where he was a champion sleeper — and then I had another baby. Back to the up-constantly newborn days and sleep-training battles! But here’s the thing: When I do get to sleep, I sleep well, thanks to my seriously awesome bed. My mattress is the perfect balance between firm and soft. My sheets are crisp. My duvet is soft and cozy. And I’ve got lots of fluffy pillows. Yes, a seriously great bed (like this one) can do a lot for you, especially if you’re a sleep-deprived mom:


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