A father and son are concentrating while sitting down at home playing video games together.

Benefits of Playing Video Games with Your Child

Kids are constantly asking to play video games. Many parents struggle with knowing how much time their child should play and what type of games are safe. There are so many video games out there it’s hard for parents to keep up with what their children are playing. A great way to know what your kids are playing is to play with them. If you want to know what your kids are doing during their screen time, ask if you can join in. Ask them to teach you how to play their favorite game. Most likely they will be excited to share their passions with you. Not only will you learn more about the games you will also be showing them you care about their interests.

There are several benefits of playing video games with your children.

Problem Solving

Playing video games can help children with their problem solving skills. Many games have puzzles and challenges that require players to find a solution. In some games the solutions to the problems are evident but not all games make it so simple. Games like the Legend of Zelda require the player to think creatively and find solutions using various tools they collect along their journey.


Some games require players to work together to accomplish a goal. The LEGO Video Games often have missions that require two players to communicate and work together.

Healthy Competition

Video games can help children (and parents) know how to manage competition. By playing games with your child like, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, you can display a healthy attitude and approach to competition.


Sandbox games like Minecraft open a world of creativity for players. Players can create their own worlds, build stories around their creations and express their personality within their unique world.


Taking the time to participate in an activity that your kids love, shows them you care about their interests. Not only will it let you see them work at something they enjoy, it gives you more things to discuss with them at the dinner table. Popular games like, Fortnite, are common topics of discussion on the school playground and could be a welcome discussion at the dinner table.


Not all video games are education but there are many games that offer learning opportunities, often times without the player even realizing it. Many games have reading elements that help children boost their reading level. There are also games like Animal Crossing that teach kids facts about animals and allows them to curate a museum.

While playing video games with your kids has benefits, moderation is also important. Playing video game should be a privilege that is earned after healthy activities are completed. Each family has guidelines as to how much screen time and when it’s allowed. But don’t be afraid to hop in a play video games with your kids.

father and son playing video games together

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