Spring Closet Simplification


Do you dream about an organized closet that houses everything? 


Where everything is perfectly lined up, folded, labeled, and ready to wear.  If this sounds like something you desire – here are a few closet organizing idea to help you not only get your closet in shape, but will make your life a bit easier, too.  

For those of you that would like to install a custom closet, but might not have the budget, IKEA offers some great looking storage solutions that give that customized look without the high price tag.  Mix and match PAX closet system (above) with many possible combinations to suit your space and storage needs.

Multi-Task Hangers

No more digging around to find something that has fallen to the floor because it wasn’t hung up properly or on the right type of hanger. To keep your clothes more organized – group them by type – pants, skirts, shirts, jackets and use a variety of hangers that will do double duty.

1. Hang five pairs of pants on one hanger. This helps save room while keeping like items together.  BRALLIS Pants Hanger.

2. Keep clothes hanger bump-free with BUMERANG Curved Clothes Hangers.

3.  When pants are clipped on to a BUMERANG Pants Hanger they stay wrinkle-free.

4.  Sets of hangers keep everything in your closet looking orderly.  ERLING Galvanized Clothes Hanger.

5.  Keep a laundry basket right in your closet for easy access.  BRANÄS Laundry Basket.

6. Almost too stylish to stash your stuff in these fabric covered boxes are pretty as well as great for storing seasonal clothing that clogs up your closet when not in season. They can be stacked on shelves or the floor. MÄLLA Clothes Box with lid.

7. Line up plenty of hooks to lay out the clothes you plan to wear the next day or items you wear frequently.  VIPPA Clothes Hook.

Add More Capacity – Instantly

1.  Create double the space in your IKEA PAX closet system by adding a second bar or rail.  It snaps on the top bar in an instant – no tools needed.  KOMPLEMENT Closet Rail.

2.   This funny looking hanger looks simple, but can hold up to 28 different items from scarves and shawls to belts and ties in the space of a single hanger.  KOMPLEMENT Hanger.

1. Keep order with white BUMERANG Curved Hangers.

2. Add pull out wire baskets to easily see and access folded clothes in your IKEA PAX closet system. KOMPLEMENT Wire Baskets.  Stack PINGLA Boxes on top of each other on shelves to store lesser worn items.

3. Keep pants together and easily accessible with a pull out rack.  KOMPLEMENT Pants Hanger.

1. Add a KOMPLEMENT Pullout clothes Rail for easy viewing of clothes in deep spaces.  

2. Keep shoes dust free and stackable with SKUBB Shoe Boxes.

Kids Size Closets

Designating a small closet for each child that has a drawer in the bottom will help to keep all of their clothes in one easy to access place.

Closet Accessories for Kids

By making your child’s closet fun and colorful, you may help inspire them to keep it nice and neat.

1. Made just for little ones.   BAGIS 8 pack of fun colorful hangers

2. Can be stacked on top of each other, labeled, and saves space when not in use.  KUSINER Foldable Storage boxes  

3. Made with soft rubber, no sharp edges to bump against. BATIS Hook

4.  A kid size wardrobe that is deep enough to hold adult size hangers.  STUVA Wardrobe 

 is customizable and is available in many different colors.