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Adventure Activities in Florida for Your Whole Family

Life has a way of pulling families in a hundred different directions, but Florida is always there to bring us back together.

Between the miles of incredible beaches for playing and relaxing, thrilling amusement parks suitable for kids of any age, diverse cityscapes big and small to explore, professional sports teams to cheer on , and museums where we can expand our horizons, there are countless memories to be made in the Sunshine State.


Florida has been the go-to destination for my family over the years. From toddlerhood through the teenage years, the one consistent ask has been for us to head down south for our annual family trip—and for good reason. No matter the kinds of diversions you or your kids seek—creating art, listening to music, trying new foods, exploring nature, fun nights, relaxing days—there are endless offerings of each throughout the state.

Here are 10 can’t-be-beat spots to check out, each guaranteed to provide experiences and delights your family will bond over, creating connections that will last long after your trip back home.

Adventure Activities in Florida for Your Whole Family

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