15 Super Relaxing Places to Visit in the Off-Season

Pictured is a wide shot of Eagle Valley, located near Vail, Colorado. The town in the valley is lit up as the night approaches. It is surrounded by snow-covered hills.

I remember the first time my husband and I actually took a few days away from the kids and indulged in a relaxing, calming vacation. It. Was. Amazing. That’s right. Two days without messy, demanding kids can feel like a journey to paradise.

We live in Brooklyn, New York, so we headed upstate for spa treatments, romantic dinners, and to see the fall foliage. The best part? We went during the week and in the off-season, so we had restaurants to ourselves and didn’t have to deal with crowds in town or sky-high price tags either.


If you’re ready for a few days to unwind and reconnect with your partner, here are fifteen dreamy destinations that will help put a spring back in your step—and some peace back into your couple’s routine.