We’ll Be Chatting Retirement on Twitter on 10/16…There Will Be Prizes!

Join Momtastic (@itsmomtastic), Kimberly Michelle (@kim_michelle), Donna Ladd (@motherburg), and me (@letmestart) for a 45-minute long Twitter chat on Friday, October 16, 2015 at 11AM PST/2PM EST. We’ll be chatting about our visions for retirement (amusingly illustrated by our kids!) and will be giving away $400 in Visa Gift Cards and more throughout the chat.

To participate and win:


• Follow the twitter handles @itsmomtastic, @kim_michelle, @motherburg, and @letmestart

• Join in on the fun by tweeting with the hashtag #SeeYourRetirement during the Twitter chat

• To enter to win gift cards AND an artist’s rendering of you in your future retirement, find a picture that encapsulates your own retirement vision or have your child draw it, then share it with the hashtag #SeeYourRetirement when prompted during the chat!

Our family is all about showing how important it is to make wise financial decisions, planning ahead, not going too crazy with the cashola today, in case we don’t have quite as much coming in tomorrow. Part of that is letting our kids know that even though retirement is about twenty-five years away for us, it’s still something we’ve been working on for a while now.

I recently sat my eight-year-old daughter and ten-year-old son down, tried to help them get “the big picture” about why we save today to have freedom in the future, and invited them to draw out plans for what they thought were some responsible things their dad and I could do to pass the time once we retire.

Please note the word “responsible” in there.

What Kim Bongiornos son thinks her husband will do once they retire via @ItsMomtastic | Retirement informational Twitter party invitation

It seems that my son thinks the responsible thing my husband should do—at age sixty-five—is get a new job as a professional lacrosse player. I mean, I guess it’s good to stay physically fit as we age, but…I wonder if he’ll have to travel a lot?

What Kim Bongiornos son thinks she will do once she retires via @ItsMomtastic | Retirement informational Twitter party invitation

While my husband is out earning a buck (and trying not to break a hip), I’ll be getting together with my girlfriends to dance under disco balls. And apparently we will all wear a lot of very red lipstick. I actually kind of like this vision, because we almost never get to go out dancing now, and if I do it often enough I’ll be as fit as my pro-athlete husband. Thanks, kid!

What Kim Bongiornos daughter thinks she will do once she retires via @ItsMomtastic | Retirement informational Twitter party invitation

My daughter imagines it’d be wise for me to let someone physically, literally, trap me inside a hardcover book so I can be a part of a story, instead of working so hard to write them. This is either totally nutso, or a deep philosophical statement I should look into further. Not sure which.

While I’m doing that, it appears she’s not letting my husband off the hook, either: he’ll be kicking off a professional golf career. Or maybe she figures that will keep his mind off the fact that his wife is trapped in a book? Hard to say.

When I took a turn with the markers, I found myself keeping it colorful and fun, but relaxing and inspiring. I definitely want to open a writer’s retreat when I retire. I love being surrounded by books, so I drew myself a wide seat I can curl up in while reading/writing in front of a tall, book-stuffed bookcase. The bed is thick and comfy, and I can look out the window to see walking paths, open sky, and beautiful flowers. Oh, and the polka-dot wallpaper? A MUST.
The writing retreat of my dreams by Kim Bongiorno for Momtastic

In any event, I think we all need to chat a bit more about retirement, so I’ll be participating in a Twitter party with Principal Financial Group on Friday, October 16th at 11AM PST/2PM EST for just that purpose. Check the top of this post for more information (there are $400 in gift cards being given away!), plus you’ll have the chance to win an artist’s rendering of your very own vision for retirement! They drew me in mine…what will yours look like?


I hope to “see” you there!

This post and the Twitter chat are sponsored by Principal Financial Group. Gift cards are furnished by TotallyHer Media.