How to Tailor Play to Your Child’s Exact Age to Boost Development

It’s well known that play can help your baby develop important social and emotional skills, as well as stimulate important brain activity, but as your little one grows you want to be sure to continue to provide challenging play that’s appropriate to your child’s age and will boost development. Find age-appropriate play ideas here:

0 – 3 months



What kind of play can you do with a child this age?

Think your infant is too young to play? Think again. During the first months, play is all about interaction. Here are some great infant games that make for age-appropriate play:

  • sing songs to your baby
  • engage in playful (and animated) conversation during diaper changes
  • provide black and white and high contrast items for Baby to look at
  • read picture books to your baby
  • give Baby opportunities to bat or kick at hanging toys or rattles
  • engage in some tummy time

How does this play help your child develop at this age?

Every interaction your baby has with you, others, and his environment is an opportunity for learning; these early interactions provide opportunities for your baby to explore his world. When he looks at an item and follows it with his eyes he is building visual skills. When he hits a rattle and it makes a noise, he learns about cause and effect. Tummy time helps your baby build physical strength to support his head and keeps him from developing a flat spot on the back of his skull.

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