Vegetable Stamp Art: DIY Outdoor Tray Makeover

After a long winter, I’m so ready to party outside.  I like to enjoy the warm weather with friends as much as possible, and most of our dinner parties take place out on the patio. Serve up your drinks in style by giving a tray a simple makeover. I made stamps out of vegetables for this project. You can make vegetable stamp art out of almost any veggie imaginable, and the results are organic and fun. Even better, you probably already have the supplies for this DIY tray makeover in your fridge.


Just find a tray that is perfectly functional but maybe doesn’t fit your aesthetic, and give it a DIY makeover with this easy tutorial.

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wood tray stain


  • tray (mine currently found at Target)
  • bell pepper
  • black acrylic paint and paintbrush
  • cutting board
  • knife


cutting yellow bell pepper wood cutting board

Step 1: Cut the bell pepper in half.  

yellow bell pepper cut in halfhalf yellow bell pepper

Step 2: Wipe the excess moisture away with a paper towel.

painting bell pepper stamps

Step 3: Paint one of the bell pepper rims with a layer of black acrylic paint. 

painted bell pepper stamp

Step 4: Make a few practice prints on some sheets of scrap paper. 

bell pepper stamp on wood tray

Step 5: Stamp the tray. Be sure to add paint after every few stamps so the design looks even. 

wood tray black stamps

Step 6: Let the paint dry for at least 30 minutes. If you desire, you can paint a clear coat of acrylic on the tray to “seal” the design. 

iced tea on coral painted tray

And then mix up some delish beverages for your guests.

      iced tea with lemons on wood tray 

Using vegetables as stamps is such a fun and unique way to add texture to a project. In addition to this tray, you could use this idea to stamp notebooks, pillows, blankets, tea towels, and more. 

Happy partying! 

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