DIY Trivet Made from Dip Dyed Upholstery Cording

Add a pop of color to your dinner table with this easy DIY trivet idea, made from upholstery cording. You can customize the colors for any season or decor, and can get the kids involved with this project as well.


Want to make your own? Here’s how…

Supplies for Colorful Trivet DIY


  • Upholstery cording
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Small paper cups
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

Step 1 // Trivet DIY


Step 1: Start by filling up paper cups with a little bit of water (two inches deep). Then, add acrylic paint to each one (in different colors) to create a wash that will more easily penetrate the cording. Mix.

Step 2 // Dip Dye Cording

Step 2: Next, dip the upholstery cording into one of the paint cups to create a block of color. Let the color drip out a little bit (in the cup) before rotating the cord to a new area.

Step 3 // Dip Dye Cording

Step 3: Dip another area of the cord into the next color, the same way you did the first.

Step 4 // Touch up paint

Step 4: Continue this process until you have created a color blocked design with roughly 1.5-2 yards of cording. Touch up any areas with a paintbrush, if need be.


Step 5 // Coiling the Trivet

Step 5: Once the paint has completely dried, it’s time to start coiling the cord. As you coil the cording around and around, add a bead of hot glue every few inches and press together firmly to make sure the cording sticks together securely.


Step 6: Once you have achieved the desired size, cut the excess cording, making sure to leave about three extra inches that you can tuck underneath and hot glue for a more finished look. Then, it’s ready to use.

Colorful DIY Trivet Project

Dip Dyed Trivet DIY

DIY Trivet

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