A DIY Diaper Rash Treatment That Really Works

There are so many diapering products on the market today. It took a while and a bit of trial and error to find the diapers, wipes, rash creams, and powders that work best for my first son. Sometimes that trial and error lead to diaper rash. My newest little guy had a horrible case of diaper rash recently (I think due to a certain brand of diaper and an almost constant pooping issue), and I tried every cream out there. But only one thing seemed to do the trick virtually overnight, and that was my DIY diaper rash treatment that I’m sharing today.


It’s a two-part treatment: a DIY powder and a DIY cream.


For the powder:

  • flour
  • skillet
  • stove top
  • empty shaker container

For the cream:

  • cornstarch
  • A&D ointment
  • small airtight container


For the powder:

Step 1: Place one cup of white flour in a large skillet over medium heat.

Step 2: Stir constantly, making sure flour browns but doesn’t scald. Scrape the skillet when stirring.

mixing dry ingredients for baby powder

Step 3: Once flour is browned, let it cool.

Step 4: Once cooled, scoop into airtight shaker container.

diy baby powder in a jar

For the cream:

DIY Diaper Rash Cream

Step 1: Mix equal parts A&D ointment (can also just use petroleum jelly, but I like the addition of lanolin in the A&D ointment) and cornstarch.

Step 2: Stir together and add more of either ingredient as needed until it becomes paste-like.

Step 3: Spoon into mason jar (or other airtight container) for storage.

Spooning petroleum jelly in to the jar

Finished diaper rash cream

Some tips for making the diaper rash go away even faster:

  1. Give baby a baking-soda bum soak for a few minutes before a regular bath.
  2. Make sure area is clean and well rinsed before you remove baby from the bath.
  3. Pat dry.
  4. Lay a towel down and let baby do some naked tummy time to let the bottom air dry.
  5. Sprinkle powder on baby’s bottom before you put on his or her diaper. Do this at every diaper change.
  6. Apply a healthy glob of the cream to baby’s bottom to act as a healer and barrier. Also do this at every diaper change.
  7. If diaper rash is really bad, you could apply 1% hydrocortisone cream on the area once a day before the powder and cream applications (per my pediatrician, but check with your own doctor).
  8. Frequently change wet or soiled diapers.

Diaper rash should be gone within one to two days. It was for my little guy, and hasn’t come back since!

Some precautions:

  • take care when using powders on babies under 3 months, so they don’t inhale particles into their new lungs
  • if your baby’s diaper rash is yeast-based, cornstarch could make it worse. If you see it worsen after one use, discontinue.

You can see this included in my essentials for babies age 0-4 months round up, along with my other favorite things for that newborn stage here.

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