Christmas crafts for kids

15 Incredibly Fun Christmas Crafts For Kids

We’ve been making some super cool Christmas crafts lately. In fact, I’m trying to distract my kids from their obsession with receiving gifts by having them get creative with Christmas crafts for kids that they can give away as gifts. Crafts made by kids melt my heart, and I think many other people feel the same way!

I love to do crafts year-round, but there is something even more magical about Christmas crafts, especially when we make them together. Plus, getting crafty helps to make the long winter days stuck at home more bearable. There’s only so much sledding and baking we can do before we start to get restless.


Looking for a way to keep your kids busy this holiday season? Get inspired with my list of Christmas crafts for kids. Your littles may actually get excited about the “giving gifts” side of the season and not just the “receiving gifts” side!


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