15 Amazing Upcycled Light Bulb Crafts

You know that amazing moment when you get a brilliant idea? It’s like a light bulb goes off in your head. A switch in your brain just magically, well, turns on. I’m usually so crazed trying to accomplish 50 things during the day, but it occasionally happens to me, too! And there are tons of crafters out there who have had “aha moments” related to upcycling old light bulbs. Pear, candle, globe, vintage, and incandescent glass bulbs (among others) can be the source of so many creative DIY projects. You can fill them, paint them or hang them.  So before you get rid of your old light bulbs, give them a new life in the form of a terrarium, ornament, pendant, place card, or vase.

Some of these DIY light bulb crafts involve filling the lights with objects, so before you start, follow a tutorial like this for your own safety.