15 Epic Target Dollar Bin Crafts That Only Look Expensive

The Target One Spot (newly renamed to the Target Bullseye’s Playground) is one of my favorite spots in the entire store. With items priced at $1 and $3, It’s one of my kids’ go-to spots as well for craft knick knacks, seasonal decor, and rewards for chores or homework well done.  I look forward to spending time in the four mini aisles that excite my bargain-hunting and DIY side. Although the products are dirt cheap, they are the source of so many of my favorite creative, organizational, and pretty DIY projects for the home, office, and celebrations. While the the products in Bullseye’s Playground change based on the season and holidays, I’ve seen some fantastically doctored up items that began as $1 or $3 items, but have been transformed to look like high-end everyday and holiday decor items.

These fifteen brilliant DIY projects all began with creativity in the Target dollar bin, have been doctored up to look like a million bucks. I hope this slideshow will inspire you to think beyond the bin!


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