New Year’s Party Favors: Dip Dye Bags

I am taking the holiday excitement to a whole new level this year with these DIY holiday dip dye toss bags! These are bound to be a big hit for both the kids and adults and are so easy to make. Take some everyday white paper lunch bags and partially dye them with the festive colors of your choice! Then, inscribe them with “Hooray!” or “Happy New Year!” and fill them with confetti, and you and your guests have a cute New Year’s party favor for fun at midnight. With all of the craziness around the holiday season, it’s always nice to take some time to make fun treats everyone can enjoy! Here’s how to make these super easy and fun dip dye bags.

Holiday Toss Bags


  • Plain white paper bags
  • Any color dye 
  • Confetti filler 
  • Permanent marker


Step 1: Warm up two cups of water, pour your dye in, and get ready to stir!


Holiday Toss Bags

Step 2: Take each bag and dip it into the water! (For an ombre look, dip each bag gradually into the dye to soak each layer longer than the next!)

Holiday Toss Bags

Step 3: Lay the bags flat to dry on a safe surface that won’t get stained—now it’s time to get creative! Choose a few sayings to write on your bags in permanent marker like “Cheers!”, “Yay!”, “Happy New Year!”, or “Happy Holidays!”

Holiday Toss Bags

Step 4: Fill your bags with confetti for your guests to toss!

Holiday Toss Bags

Step 5: And now, you’re ready to party! 

Holiday Toss Bags Holiday Toss Bags

These holiday dip dye toss bags are such a fun and easy way to entertain your guests and get them excited for the holiday! Cheers! 

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