DIY Mini Pumpkin Cakes in Minutes

Make these colorful pumpkin cakes with store-bought Sno Balls (the Hostess kind), in about ten minutes. They’re super easy to make, and kids love the 3D pumpkin shape.


Want to make your own mini pumpkin cakes? Here’s how…

Supplies // DIY Mini Pumpkin Cakes


  • Sno Balls (1 pack of two will make one pumpkin)
  • Color Mist Food Coloring Spray (available at craft supply stores in the cake decorating aisle)
  • Caramel candies (1 per pumpkin)
  • Knife
  • Frosting (optional)


Step 1: Start by cutting indentions into each Sno Ball, one at a time. (Do not cut all the way through the cakes—you just want to indent the marshmallow exterior to create a pumpkin feel.) To make eight evenly spaced indentions, cut into fourths, and then create another line in between each of the fourths that have already been cut.

Step 1 // DIY Mini Pumpkin Cakes


Step 2: Next, spray the orange color mist onto each Sno Ball.

Step 2 // Spray Pumpkin Halves

Step 3: Then, lightly spray the yellow color mist over the top to add dimension. Set aside to allow the color mist to dry.

Step 3 // Spray Cake Halves

Step 4: Then, stack one Sno Ball on top of the other so that the bottom of each Sno Ball is facing inward, as shown in photo.

Mini Pumpkin Cakes

Step 5: Next, twist a caramel candy into a long, stem-like shape. Then insert into the top of the pumpkin. You may need to cut a small hole at the top, with a knife, to fit the caramel stem in.

Pumpkin Mini Cakes Tutorial

Step 6: (Optional) Add frosting between the pumpkin halves, if desired.

DIY Mini Pumpin Cakes for Fall

Now these pumpkin cakes are ready to eat! The small size and quick “recipe” make these Halloween treats a great option for holiday parties and fall festivals.

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