DIY Crushed Glass Table Numbers

Everyone is coming up with interesting ways to display table numbers these days for weddings or dinner parties, so I came up with a super easy DIY for your next soiree! These DIY crushed glass table numbers are great for entertaining, or even a wedding! With simple craft crushed glass (don’t try crushing your own at home) and Mod Podge you can create a sparkly addition to your centerpiece!


  • Crushed glass – I found mine at Afloral!
  • Wooden numbers (large enough to act as part of your centerpiece)
  • Mod Podge

DIY Table Numbers


Step 1: Mix the colors of crushed glass you want to use—I chose metallic gold and silver!


DIY Table Numbers

Step 2: Spread Mod Podge onto the table numbers using a paintbrush.

DIY Table Numbers

Step 3: Pour the crushed glass over the Mod-Podged table numbers and arrange so that the number is covered. Then, let dry. If pieces aren’t sticking you can add a little more Mod Podge and stick them on by hand!

DIY Table Numbers

Once dry, your fancy table numbers are all done and you’re ready to set the table! Yes, I promise, it’s really that easy. 🙂

DIY Table Numbers

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