Christmas In July: Get A Head Start On Your Advent Calendar

There is still plenty of time before you have to start thinking about the holiday season, but why not turn a few lazy days of summer into crafting fun with the kids to get your holiday advent calendar made so it will be ready when December 1 rolls around. 

Here are some easy and festive ideas to get you inspired. 

1. Clip colorful envelopes that you add numbers to along string.  Hang over a mantel or empty wall. Z Designs

2. Craft pockets of pretty paper to hide notes and little surprises.  Tinker Lab

3.  Create a colorful connected paper dolls.  Artful Parent

4. Clip colorful paper stockings made from scrapbook paper, glue, and trim to a piece of yarn or twine.  Hang across a mantel. Scrapbooks Etc.

1. Super easy to make – glue paper numbers cut from gift wrap and glue into gift bags.  Moment To Moment

2.  Chic and fun – Cover matchboxes with holiday gift wrap or scrapbook paper and a number.  Place them in a glass bowl. Each day the kids have to find each countdown days number to find out what surprise waits.  Just A Girl

3.  Re-use small boxes you get throughout the year. Cover each one festively and attach to a fabric covered or painted board.  Mod Podge Rocks

1. Wrap tinsel garland around an ordinary hanger and the tie on bagged up goodies – one for each day of the holiday countdown.  Fry Dog Designs

2. Cover tin cans and decorate them with pretty paper, ribbons, and tissue paper.  Stack them in the  shape of a Christmas Tree.  House To Home