6 Creative Ways To Repurpose Furniture

Nothing excites me more than to see a piece of furniture repurposed into something new, beautiful and useful. 


With a bit of DIY magic you can transform inexpensive finds or hand-me-downs into one of a kind pieces to decorate your home in style.  All it takes is an eye to see something beyond its original or intended use.

It is not hard. It takes a bit of practice, but becomes easy when you open up room for possibilities. Start by asking yourself these questions when you look at an object, item, or piece of furniture.  

1. What can I do to this to make it better, unique, more attractive?

Mandy over at Sugar Bee Crafts turned a worn out desk into two very modern and chic nightstands by removing the center drawer.  

2. What if I enlarged or reduced a part of the object, changed the color or texture of the surface?

I wish I were a little kid and could pretend at this adorable play kitchen that Denise, a reader over at Better After made by repurpsoing an entertainment center. 

3. What if I reverse or exchange some of the parts?

Cyndy at the Creativity Exchange turned a garden potting bench into an outdoor bar perfect for entertaining.

4. What if I rearranged or eliminated some of the parts?

BH&G created a decorative way to raise pet food bowls off the floor by cutting holes into chairs. The raised bowls make it easier for a large pet to eat. 

5.  What if I put my own signature twist on the object?

Have a table with a broken leg?  No legs needed to make this unique shelf table. It is actually a table cut in half and mounted on the wall. The hinged table leaf can be placed in the down position when not in use to save space.  Photo: BH&G

6. What if I add on or combine existing parts in new or unusual ways?

Make a stylish recycling center right in your kitchen by placing a big basket on the side of a cabinet. Hinge a top made of repurposed wood and attach to the cabinet so it sits on top of the basket. Place recycling containers inside.  Photo:  BH&G