DIY: Vintage Vase

Last week I needed a tall vase to hold branches of forsythia I clipped from a bush in my yard. 


All my vases were too short, so I headed to the dollar store and found a tall clear glass cylindrical one. To hide the “stuffed look” of the forsythia branches inside the vase, I made a quick cover for it with a piece of velum scrapbook paper.  When velum is applied to glass covered with Mod Podge, it instantly gives the paper a slightly translucent aged look that takes all of 2 minutes to achieve. Total Cost:  $1.75

Supplies Needed:

  • Glass vase with straight sides
  • Velum scrapbook paper (has a translucent quality)
  • Matte Mod Podge
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors or paper cutter

1.  Wrap paper around vase and cut to size.  If you want a more wrinkled or aged look – crumple paper first and flatten – then cut to size.

2.  Apply Mod Podge evenly with a paint brush to cover the outer sides of the glass vase.

3.  Place the paper on vase and smooth over vase with your hands to remove any air bubbles. 

As the paper dries a few wrinkles will form – instantly aging the paper.