DIY: Autumn Pumpkins and Leaves

Pumpkins don't always have to be carved into scary jack-o-lanterns to make a decorating statement and colorful Fall leaves do not have to only be seen falling from tress or stepped on.


Here are a few quick and easy decorating ideas for you to try when decorating your house for Autumn.

1. Hot glue flower heads to a pumpkin to create a unique centerpiece.

2. Dress a pair of mini pumpkins up for a romantic evening by coating them in clear glitter and placing a candle in each one.  Place on elegant cut glass candlesticks.

3. A candle and some black pipe cleaners are all you need to transform a mini pumpkin into a spooky spider.

4.  A clever way to serve soup.

5. Paint tall shaped pumpkins with craft paint to resemble candy corn.

6. Cut and hollow out a pumkin, fill with ice and you have an ice bucket perfect for the season.

DIY: Autumn Pumpkins and Leaves

1. Hang colorul leaves that were dipped in wax to preserve on twine by a sunny window.

2.Simply place fake dollar store purchaed leaves in a basket and hang on your door.

3. Trace leaves out of decorative paper, crinkle them up and then add stems using yarn or twine.   Tie them onto twine and hang on two hooks across a window.

4.Simplest wreath ever – push the stems of fake leaf bouquets into a straw wreath and hang.

5.  Cut leaf patterns on felt. Cut out and sew onto a burlap pillow.

6. Place some colorful leaves on a glass plate. Add some water and floating candles for a pretty centerpiece. Make three and line them up along the center of your table.