Bluebird Brooch To Welcome Spring Birds

Pins are a great way to accessorize a plain shirt, a backpack, or purse.  They feel even better when you've made them yourself (and they even look good!). 

Check out this tutorial using traditional knit and crochet techniques for a super cute bluebird brooch.  

The bluebird hangs delicately from your pin, smartly designed around the mechanism for pinning.  You can alter the pattern if you have knowledge of different shapes you'd like to try, or change the yarn color to match any outfit.  Add your own beak from beads or other everyday objects, and sweet little feet from plastic bird toys you may have lying around the house.  The pin is great for kids and adults alike — anyone that wants a birdie on their shoulder to show them the way. 

Visit all about you for the full tutorial on how to make this brooch.